How to stockinette stitch in the round?


I’m trying to knit a sock, and it tell me to “knit every round(stockinette stitch)” so I have hard time to understand that :wall:
I try to do the regular way of knitting stockinette on the outside of the sock the right side. when I got to the end of the round I turn the work and begin to purl on the inside the worng side and after few rounds I thought that I did it… but than when I wanted to go back to the regular pattern the yarn was in the wrong place and I had to unravel everything and start from biginning :frog: and something else that I noticed was that gap between the first neddle to the last needle l.o.l it was in the point when I was doing the turn…
so If someone can help me understand it Ill appreciate it.


To knit stockinette in the round you just knit every row. No need to purl.

As far as the ladders between first and last stitches, I still seem to
get them myself (but I’ve only been using dpns for a month or so) hopefully others will have some good advice for you. I have noticed that they aren’t as bad with each project that I do.

Thanks Lieuvena, I try to do that and I got the look of knitting instead of stockinette,mmm…should I ignore it and just keep knitting???

Aren’t those ladders fun?

I find that giving the yarn a little tug on the last stitch before the new round and the first stitch of the new round helps prevent them.

There are some more tips in this article.

Scroll down the page to see them. :slight_smile:

jvjerde - Things I have found about ladders. 1) First stitch after moving from one needle to the next does not have enough tension to hold the yarn plus needle. It is the second and third stitch that are the most important. Pull the second and third stitch a little bit more than rest. 2) If you see ladders starting as you put the needle into the next stitch lift it a little to take up some of the slack in the ladder. Move this slack down the line for three, four or more stitches. This will spread the ladder over multiple stitchs and makes it hard to see. 3) I push the needle that I am move away from up against the new working needle. This takes weight of the needle off the yarn until there are enough stitches to hold the yarn.

When you knit in the round, you don’t need to turn it, you’re always knitting on the knit side. The others gave you good suggestions on how to avoid ladders. Like everything else about knitting, it just takes practice to learn.

I would just like to add something that works for me, both with DPN’s and circs…I (habit) always (with Dpn’s when switching needles) circs when “starting a new round”…ktbl and pull the second st real tight:shrug: works for me:hug:

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I try to do that and I got the look of knitting instead of stockinette,mmm…should I ignore it and just keep knitting???

As others have said, you get stockinette in the round by knitting every round.

If you’re doing that and getting what looks like garter stitch, it’s probably reverse stockinette that you might be getting because you’re knitting inside-out. :slight_smile:

Envision your needles as a cup. You should be knitting where you would drink out of the cup. If you’re holding your needles sort of away from you and knitting on the opposite side, you’ll be knitting the inside rather than the outside of your project.

Maybe that will help you?

Stockinette in the round is just knitting around and around and around. No turning.
If it looks like it might be inside out (i.e. the 'v’s are on the inside and the bumps are on the outside, then you may be knitting inside out but this is easily corrected by pushing your tube of knitting through the centre of the needles so that the work is poking toward you.

Thank you, in the instruction they say to knit every row…so I was thinking how to knit and do a stockinette stitch in the some time…??? l.o.l. I learn a lot of things and that I need to try to trust the instruction even if it dosent make sense.

I stay up all night try to knit it, and it work. im now in the part of the gusset yea…:woohoo:


I am trying to knit socks on 2 circular needles. My knits and pearls are backwards. I have tried everything to get them right.

I am at point where I am going to pearl my stockenete. At least it comes out right.

If I knit my stockinette it comes out pearl.

HELP ,What am I doing wrong?

It may be that you’re working on the inside of the tube formed by the 2 needles. This video is for a single circular but the same would apply for any method of knitting in the round.