How to slide off yarn overs?


I’m really new to knitting, so far I’ve made a scarf entirely of knit stitches and a dishcloth that uses K, YO, KF&B, K2tog, and slip 1 but now I’m stuck on a pattern called Paton’s Fab Big Scarf. The pattern is:


Basic Pattern: Alt k1, p1; work 1 yarn-over before each stitch. On all foll rows work sts as they appear and a yarn-over before each stitch, let the yarn-overs of previous row slide off the needle.

Tension: In Basic Pattern about 7 sts and 7 rows, each to 10cm.

So I’ve cast on my 24 stitches. Before putting my right needle through the left I’ve done a yarn over on the right, K1, YO, P1, YO, K1, YO, P1, YO til the end. I don’t understand “on all foll rows work sts as they appear” and I don’t understand how to let the previous rows YO’s slide off the needle? What am I looking for when I get to the next row to know it’s a YO and not a stitch that I need to keep? What if the stitches are kind of crossing over eachother?

I may be running before I can walk but I’ve tried this at least 8 times this evening and it looks a mess and I can’t get past the end of the 1st row to start the second, I keep having to pull it all off and start again from casting on.

This is what it looks like after the first row, I’m not using the correct wool or needles right now because I started it with the correct wool and it is starting fray because I’ve been restarting it so many time.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated, especially videos or really simple instructions move by move.

Oooops not sure the if the photo is showing, I will try again.

When you work the second row, knit the knits and purl the purls (as they appear) so if it looks like a knit stitch, a V, knit it. If it looks like a purl bump, purl it.

As for the yos, they won’t have a little knot on the needle like the real stitches have. Just let them slip of the tip. It may look messy at first, but it will create a cool texture.

Brilliant, I think I get you in theory I will just have to see if I can do this in practice. To be honest I think I am just blindly going through the motions of each stitch without knowing the theory behind why each stitch is relevant or what sort of shape it means. I didn’t even know that a knit made a V or a purl made a bump so that’s go to be progress haha.

It’s 3:25am here (time got away from me trying to figure it out I’m mesmerized by this whole knitting thing) so I will start again tomorrow with this fresh knowledge. I’ll let you know how I go, thanks so much.

I found a picture on ravelry, the YOs that are dropped will make elongated stitches and a really cool texture.

That’s it! I hope I can do it, it’s so pretty!