How to shrink a wool hat?

So I FINALLY finished the shedir hat! It looks great, I learned a lot! Especially how to pick up stitches, reorient dropped stitches and generally just reading a pattern. My only problem is that it will fit a very large head- think soccer ball :slight_smile: So I was thinking instead of trying to give it away to some large headed friend, I though I might try to shrink it to fit my rather small head (why does that sound so wrong?). I was hoping that someone might have some insight into this for me. Is there a specific shrinkage factor for wool? It is pattons classic in moss green.

PS I would like to send out a big thanks to all of the moderators who have helped me finish this project!:muah:

It may felt and you lose the cables if youtry and shrink it. Bit if you have some of the yarn, knit up a square, measure it, then felt it and see how much it shrinks. You might try threading elastic thread inside the cuff/brim to see if that will work for you.