How to sew stitches on holding needles together

I have a lot of experience knitting from patterns but I’ve never come across the following before. Both left and right fronts finish with transferring remaining stitches on a holding needle. No problem here. But to finish the garment it says, “Sew sts from spare needles tog form collar”. What stitch do I use?

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What is the name of your pattern? Seeing a photo of the cardigan might help figure out what’s going on.

If it’s a straight shoulder seam, the directions might be calling for 3 needle bind off. If the left and right fronts have been extended at the neck to form a collar, you would graft the two together using Kitchener stitch.

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After watching a video on Kitchener stitch I can now see this is exactly what is required. Thank you so much.

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