How to sew folded neckband after BO

I’m knitting a large pullover.

The neckband construction instructions are to, “bind off loosely, fold neckband in, and sew to cast on edge.”

I cannot find any tutorials on how to sew a folded neckband for ribbing that is already bound off. And of course, following the instructions, I have already loosely bound off my neck ribbing.

I’ve never done it myself, but I saw this sweater and it looks fabulous on the inside seam. I wonder if it would help you, there is a description of why its helpful to bind off first and how to seam. I see there is a video link but i have not watched it myself.

I’m sure the knitters here will also have help for you, I am not at all experienced, I was just wowed by this lovely neat neckband and wanted to share it with you.


@Creations this looks so helpful! I’ll definitely try the approach featured in the instagram story! Thank you so much!

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Oh I’m glad it looks like it might help you.
Hope to see the result when you’re finished.

Not quite done weaving in the ends…thanks for the tutorial!


What a fabulous sweater! It looks so cosy and comfortable. And the neckband is perfect.
Well done. :smiley: