How to secure the end while seaming

Hello !!! I have to seam 10 inch squares together to form a blanket for charity, and there is a mix of crochet and knitted squares. I found this video and like how the seam is invisible, but for the life of me I can’t find any instructions to secure the end in the beginning? Is it just weaving it in, or is there a more secure way to do it ? I thank all of you in advance in taking the time to read this :heart:

When you insert your needle (with the thread) in the corner, leave a short tail behind. And then go back into those corners, and sort of tie a knot! It’s not a real knot, but because you go through that corner twice, that tail gets caught in the loop, and it is secure. Done! After you have gone to the other end of the row, you can come back and hide the tail inside, and cut off any excess. It will hold in place! Try it out on your swatch, and see how strong it is.

I haven’t used this method but it looks quite nice.
Weave in the ends either hidden in the seam or a row or two over. You may have to make this up as you go along since it’s a mix of knit and crochet.

Thank you both so much !! I appreciate your time and will definitely try both suggestions on an itty bitty swatch !! :slight_smile: