How to seam raglan seams?

I am using a Debbie Bliss pattern and she has you bind off 3 stitches on each side to begin the raglan. I can do the mattress stitch all the way up but how should I seam the three horizontal stitches? Or are they intended to be for the side seams?

Those three bound off stitches are probably for the underarm.

right, but how do I seam them?

I would graft them.

I can’t find a video of grafting here, I went to Silver’s tutorial but it isn’t loading right. Sigh. I guess I’ll try it again later…

okay, grafting is the same as kitchener BUT the stitches are bound off, they are not on needles. :??

When you do the sleeves and the underarm, it’ll become apparent then. For now, leave them.