How to schedule increases?

I don’t have a pattern, but I need to increase from 45 sts to 57sts as I go up 2" (at gauge of 11 sts/2"). Can anyone help me? I am going crazy…:hair:

By going up 2", do you mean in width or length? If it’s in width, you can do all your increases in one row; if in length, it has to be a few per row.

It’s length, actually. Also, I forgot to mention that it’s the seed/moss stitch, and I’m also having trouble figuring out how to increase without messing up the stitch pattern. Yikes!

That’s 12 sts in 2 inches, you could inc 2 st per row every other row, if you’re getting 6 rows per inch. One on each end. What is it that you’re working on?

Oh yes, duh! I’m knitting a cozy for one of those big Starbuck’s Frappucino cups at my husband’s request. He get one everyday, and no matter the season, they’re too cold for his hands.

Another quick question–at least I hope it’s quick! I’m using the moss/seed stitch, and I’m wondering how to increase in that stitch without ruining the stitch pattern. (?) Thx in advance for all the help :slight_smile:

Are you knitting flat, then seaming? Put the incs in the end sts (kfb/pfb) and they won’t show when seamed.

Thank you! I actually haven’t decided whether I’m going with flat w/seaming or in the round. How would it go in the round?

It should work out. If you do a kfb, it nearly looks like a k and purl. So mark your beginning of round, do kfb before the marker and maybe pfb after. You may have to experiment with them, maybe both sts would be kfb.