? how to rip out multiple rows

Is there a way to rip out multiple rows (garter stitches) other than one stitch at a time?

I’ve finished a shawl, and am not happy with the size of it – and will be taking out at least 15 - 20 rows.

Many thanks for any suggestions.


I would just rip out to a row before the one you want to keep, and then pop the stitches out one at a time and slip them on the needle. Don’t worry if they go on correctly, just capture them. If they’re twisted, you can fix them as you work the next row.

If it’s a lace shawl you may want to rip back to a row that is plain stitches if possible. If it’s lace I would probably also use the destination row method…you put a fine, smooth yarn on a yarn needle and work it through a row [I]before[/I] ripping out. You’ll find info here under "fixing mistakes."

Take the needles out and rip back to the row above that you need to fix. Starting at the end of the row where the yarn is, pull it out stitch by stitch as you put the stitches on the needle, helps if that needle is a smaller size than the one you’ve been knitting with.

…after much hesitation (novice knitter here), I forged ahead. Shawl is entirely garter stitch, other than the 4 yarn overs to increase every other row.

Yeah!!! I marked the row I’d like to rip back to and took yarn off the needles. Ripped approximately 20 rows, and then put the stitches back on, one at a time. It worked!!!

Thanks to all who pointed me in the right direction. Now to cast off once again, and ready it to give to my sister…


Glad you were able to fix it with success!

Thank you, Rhonda. Yes, I was relieved as well as glad!! Made me a bit nervous, removing the entire piece from the needles… I won’t say how long it took me – but I’m so happy that I had the experience.