How to rid of an accidental stitch in Basketweave Mesh

I am in the middle of a Basketweave Mesh scarf and have somehow added a stitch (while knitting too late at night). It is supposed to be 31 st and now I have 32 st! Where and how do I get rid of that extra stitch?

Here is the pattern:
K1, *yo, RT; rep from *
P1, *p2tog, p1; rep from *
LT, *yo, LT; rep from *, end k1
P2, *p2tog, p1; rep from *, end p1

I have done the pattern with the extra stitch, once through, and k/p the extra stitch at the end of the row. I am now at the beginning of Row 3.

Thanks for your help!

What I would probably do is k2tog on one of the ends that has a k1. It’s pretty invisible so it should look fine.

If you’re still able to do the pattern and it doesn’t look like it’s off, then you probably added it at the end or beg of a row. So you can knit or purl 2 tog to get rid of it.