How to Rib Two together

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I am knitting a baby cardigan James C Brett and I’ve came across Rib two together. How do I do this as I’ve never seen it before. Also any videos how?


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Rib 2 together means to work a decrease as either a k2tog or p2tog while keeping the columns of rib on either side aligned as best as possible. Of course, the decrease is going to interrupt the pattern but after the decrease continue the rib by maintaining the columns of knits and purls in the previous rows.

Sometimes this direction occurs when you are about to change from ribbing to a main body pattern or when you are decreasing for the top of a hat. What is the name of your pattern?

Hello thank you for your reply. Here is the part I am stuck on and the pattern.

OK, the k2tog or rib2tog is going to decrease the stitch count before the main body pattern. That pattern happens to also be a k2p2 rib but on a larger size needle. It’ll be shifted from the bottom ribbing because of the decreases but that’s what the pattern calls for.
Work either a k2tog or p2tog depending on where the decrease occurs. Enjoy!

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Is rib 2 together the same as knit 2 together, how do I rib 2 together is their any videos

It can be the same as k2tog. The alternative is p2tog. Which size are you making?

The 2nd size, I just wasnt sure how to knit that row

OK, for the starred row in the second size the row is:
K3, k2tog, (k5, rib2tog) x7, rib 4.

The works out to K3, k2tog, k5, p2tog, k5, k2tog,k5, k2tog, k5, p2tog, k5, p2tog, k5 k2tog, k5, k2tog, p2, k2.

You’ll see as you work the row that sometimes the next 2sts that are to be worked together are 2 knits and sometimes they are 2 purls. Every so often it’s a knit and a purl that are to be worked together. I’ve made them either a k2tog or a p2tog but you should which you prefer as you knit the row.