How to remove a row

I have accidently started a row with the wrong color and need to remove it. It’s easy to remove the stitches from the needle and then pull them out, but how do I get the work back on the needle?

Funny how mistakes turn into learning opportunities. :cheering:

If it’s a row you’ve just knit, you can tink (knit backwards) to undo the row. Here’s a video to show how. If it’s several rows back you can remove the project from the needles, rip out to a row before the error and then, one by one put the sts onto the left needle as you pull out the yarn or you can pull out even the row with the mistake and re-insert your needle, this way.

I agree!

Thanks, everyone. Wow, what a LONG and painful process. I finally am back on track after removing two rows and re-starting.

Thanks again!