How to read Sasha Rowan pattern?



Hello, and thank you in advance for your assistance!

Pattern (

My issue is not understanding the instructions between the Square Brackets [ ]. I do understand the co stitches, i.e., for size x cast on x number of stitches.

BACK (instructions Rowan Sasha)
Using 9mm (US 13) needles and yarn A cast on 52 [54: 56: 60: 62] sts.
Row 1 (RS): P0 [0:1:0:0],K1 [2:2:1:2],*P2,K2,rep from * to last 3 [0:1:3:0] sts,P2 [0:1:2:0],K1 [0:0:1:0].
Row 2: K0 [0:1:0:0],P1 [2:2:1:2],*K2,
P2,rep from * to last 3 [0:1:3:0] sts,K2 [0:1:2:0],P1 [0:0: 1: 0].

This is how I would decipher Row 1: P0 (s) [P0 (m): P1 (l): P0 (xl): P0 (xxl)], K1 [K2 (m):K2 (l):K1(xl):K2 (xxl)],*P2,K2,rep from * to last 3 [0 (m): 1(l): 3(xl): 0(xxl)] sts, P2 [0(m): 1(l): 2(xl): 0(xxl)],K1 [0(m):0(l):1(xl):0(xxl)].

It doesn’t make sense that the larger sizes would have less stitches, nor that you could end a row with 0 stitches yet be required to make 2 more purls, but if those who view this pattern and deem my deciphering of the instructions of Row 1 is correct, it would follow that the following rows can be deciphered in the same manner, and thus the entirety of the pattern.

Looking forward to your comments!

Thank you! Kim


The pattern makes sense in that the number of sts increases as the sizes get larger. If you look at the directions for the largest size only and work out the stitch count, it’s consistent with the cast on of 62sts for example.

As far as finishing the row, if you again look at a single size, e.g. the largest size, the pattern has you work to the last 0sts and then P0, K0. For the second size, the same thing happens.

Which size are you making? It may help to circle that size for all the stitch numbers to avoid confusion.


Thank you kindly salmonmac. I’ll get to it as soon as the future wearer get’s home, i.e., determine size, and deconstruct the instructions so that only that which applies to the size required remain. Hopefully taking another look at the numbers a pattern will arise in my minds eye.



Hello again, Salmonmac!

Wool arrived and I’ve made it through the portion of the pattern I previously queried. I am now at shaping for the Raglan sleeve and have come upon another section of the instructions I find confusing.

Here goes:

Size chosen is Large (2nd numeral within square bracket), i.e., 56 co sts.

Shape raglan armholes Keeping patt correct,castoff 3sts at beg of next 2rows.
46 [48:50:54:56] sts. (this section completed)
Dec 1 st at each end of next and 4 [4: 4: 3: 3] foll 4th rows, then on foll 0 [1:2:5:6] alt rows. 36 sts.

I read the last row, such: Decrease 1 stitch at each end of next and 4 following 4th rows, then on following 2 alternative rows. Leaving 36 sts on needles. (Also what type of decrease would you use on either side? I’m not sure whether the best look would be slanting away from edge or towards centre. Oh, the instructions don’t call for it, but I think I’ll place the increase 2 stitches in from the selvedge.)

Does this mean that I decrease 1 stitch at each end of every 4th row, 4 times (including the initial decrease described as ‘end of next’ which means its 5 rows in total that are decreased 5 times over 20 rows?

Now for the alternate rows. Does this simply mean decrease at each end of row 2 times over the next 4 rows?

Forum was down yesterday, so I put aside the back, and began the knit the front while awaiting expert advice on shaping the raglan sleeves. So, I’ll finish off the decrease on the back and front in short order considering I’ve already knitted more than half of each section.

NEXT section, i.e., the Sleeve portion of the pattern has instructions similar to the raglan shaping that are similarly mystifying. But, working through the Raglan decrease for the front and back will likely illuminate the instructions for the sleeves.

Can’t thank you enough for your assistance! I don’t have family, friends or neighbours who knit and thus you’re my only resource. It’s so sad that this craft has been lost on many of those who came into the western world after Boomers. The owners of my local Knitting boutique are wonderful, and help when they can, but being that they are over an hour away its not often that I can make the trip in a timely manner.

THANK YOU! :hugs:


Great progress!
Because the pattern says “…next and the 4 foll…”, decrease 5 times total. (It’ll take rows 1-17.)

You can either makes the decreases slant along the line of the raglan /-----\ or opposite to it ------/. It’s personal preference. I like to follow the line of the raglan but I’ve worked patterns with the opposite too.

Alternate rows are every other. So if you dec on row 1,5,9,13 and 17, you would then dec on rows 19 and 21.

We’re all delighted to help so consider us your knitting group. I’m always amazed at the collective knowledge and creativity.