How to read chart patterns


I’ve never used a chart pattern before but I’ve seen a few different types. One has like the key and everything but this hello kitty pattern does not how do you read charts without any keys, abbreviations, or stitches? :shrug:

here’s the site:

Looks like it’s just for color, probably the whole chart is to be done in stockinette.

On that kind of chart, you would just work stockinette–knit from right to left and purl from left to right.

Hello, I’m sorry but…hm?

On a color chart, you work it in stockinette. Read the knit, right-side rows from right to left on the chart, changing colors as appropriate, and on the wrong-side purl rows, you work the chart from left to right.

Amy has video on intarsia which will help with changing the colors without leaving holes.

oh okay, why is it backwards?

You mean the wrong side? When you knit the front, you’re working from right to left, correct? Lets say you’re working stitches 1-50.

When you turn it over to work the back, you’re working the next row backwards, stitches 50-1.

okay, strange. Just one question do I start on the picture’s right or my right?

Usually the odd rows are the right side–read right to left and the even rows are the wrong side.