How to read a chart?

Hello to all. I think that I have been stunted in my knitting growth because of this. I do not know how to read and work from a chart :thinking: . Please help.


The symbols on some charts differ, but there’s always a key for the symbols.

Charts are read from right to left, one stitch per box, on the right side.

The wrong side rows are ready left to right. Sometimes, if the wrong side is just purled, they don’t even include it in the chart.

One thing to remember with charts is that what appears in the boxes is the result of the stitch. So if you work a decrease of two stitches down to one, there will be a decrease symbol in one box, even though you’re using two stitches. If there’s a yo, then the 0 in the box represents the yo after it’s done.

I love charts and think they make knitting much easier. It’s important, though, not to overthink them. Just do whatever is in each box or group of boxes (for cables) blindly, and you should be fine.

Thanks Ingrid.
I have read the dirctions on plenty of charts and always seem to mess it up some how. I will not give up though. :XX:


:smiley: Shima, I was the same way, I was always messing up on charts. Then I color coded the different rows; for example, the right side rows were left blank & the wrong side rows (that u read from left to right) were highlighted, like in this photo. Oh, I often take my charts (if they are from a book) to Kinkos & make large copies so that I can feel free to write on them. Another thing, I use a magnetic board & put the strip magnet over the line that I am working on; some people do this with post it notes, too :wink:

One thing you could do is to find a stitch pattern book that uses charts. This way you can practice on small things just to get the hang of it.

And do what Rebecca said–mark it up, color code it–whatever works to keep you on track.

I too am struggling to learn charts, but I have to agree that they are ultimately easier to work from than written directions.

One word: bookmark. I am trying out different lace patterns on bookmarks-- they’re so little that the commitment is very small and the yarn stakes are very low. And they’re so handy to have!

I’ve also been using post-its to cover up everything but the row I’m working. That also seems to help me from making (as many) errors.

Best of luck!

Thank you all for your advice on how to read charts. :smiley: I really appreciate it.

Rebecca: Thanks again for posting that chart :wink: . I remember that from when you were knitting the backyard leaves pattern (which I still haven’t been able to knit for this same reason :crying: )

Treeling & Ingrid: Thanks for that idea as well. I think I will get some bookmark patterns and start their.

Their are so many patterns that are out their that I would love to knit that only have charts to go by. They usually end up in the “one of these days pile”. Summer is almost here and I sure don’t want it to pass by without getting at least one of them done.

Thanks again