How to read a block pattern?

Silly question from first time knitter . . . I am using a pattern for a large block baby blanket and after a garter stitch border, I have started the pattern. It says to K8 (border), then k12, p12 (3 times) then k12 and then K8 for border.

The part I am stuck on is it then says to knit the knit stitches and purl the purls for 16 rows to form first blocks . . . I did that for 5 rows and it does not look like it is forming any pattern. I am repeating the above instructions for each row. When it says to knit the knit and purl the purl, I assumed it meant to just repeat the same pattern. Is that correct? Should I see a pattern forming after 5 rows?

Thank you!!

When they say knit the knits and purls the purls, they want you to knit the knits as they face you. When you knit on one side, you create purls on the other side, so if you just repeat the pattern you’re knitting into the purls and not getting what you want.

Basically you should be doing little blocks of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette st.

So if it makes it easier for you, on even rows, k8 for the border, p12, k12 (3 times) p12 k8 for the border. You’ll see the pattern emerging. When the blocks in that first section are done, reverse the pattern.

Ah, so I need to essentially reverse the pattern every row, got it. Thank you!

So now it looks like I need to rip out 5 rows back - any tips for doing this successfully without having to start all the way over?

What you could do is rip to one row before the row you want to pick up and then slowly pull the yarn out out one stitch at a time and slip your needle in.