How to question, but for ravelry?

hey all… anybody know about threads on ravelry? specifically, i’m ‘watching’ certain threads - things i’ve posted questions in and am waiting for answers - but am not getting any notifications (no rav emails/flags, no regular emails) that any replies have come in. but when i go back into the group(s), into the thread(s), voila, there are replies. any ideas how to fix that so i get the notifications?

When you get an answer it will show at the top of your forum list. Click on the forums tab and if you have answers you’ll see the links. It’s easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there. If that’s not happening I’m not sure what’s up.

that worked just fine. one more feature of ravelry i wasn’t aware of. i usually use it for patterns. for the social media aspect, it’s really… in a league of its own. :wink:

I’ve yet to ask a question at Ravelry except on a pattern page. One more person to come to my rescue when/if I do. :thumbsup: