How to pronounce "picot"

How do you say ‘picot’?

I say pea-cot or pea-caught…
I’ve heard pea-co and pie-co
I’d imagine other possibilities would include pea-coat (hehehe) or pie-coat or pie-cot… or maybe picket?

I’d like to know the correct way to say it. :slight_smile:

I say pea-co. I’ve also heard pea-cot and pie-cot. But it’s a French word and the correct pronunciation is [COLOR=blue]pē[B]’[/B]kō.[/COLOR]

It’s Pe-koe - like the tea…

The ‘correct’ French pronunciation as PP noted is pee-ko. :wink:

I say pee-coe, with a long o, too.

I also say pea-coe x

I pronounce it “loops”

As people have noted before, it should sound like pee-ko.


Is the only possible response to Mason’s comment

:roflhard: Mason yer too funny :smiley:

btw I’ve always said pea-co (with a long o)