How to pick up a decrease stitch?

Does anyone have a video or photo tutorial that shows step-by-step how to pick up a knit2together decrease? When I knit them together I must have had one stitch twisted by mistake. I have finished the round and am supposed to be knitting now but I had to take the decrease apart and re-orient the stitches. Now I don’t know how to knit them back together from the round below. Does that make any sense? It’s like a dropped knit stitch, which I know how to pick up, except that I have to knit them together first and then pull that one stitch up to the current round so that I can knit it.

I know what I need to do but still need help to perform the decrease.

i had trouble finding a video… maybe somebody else will have better luck.

but i know - i KNOW! - i read somewhere that you can do it the same way as other dropped stitches, with a crochet hook. when you get to that round/row with the k2tog, you’d just make sure you pulled the next ladder rung through 2 stitches instead of 1. after that, you’d continue crocheting up one rung/one stitch at a time.

Yes, it woks just fine. I’ve done this too many times to count. Just put the hook through the two stitches knitwise and pull the yarn in the ladder through. It can also be done with needles but I find a hook is usually the easier way to go.

yay, i got one right! :wink:

Add a few zeroes after that one…

See if this tutorial helps in addition to the advice above,

Also, this may help with recognizing stitches that are incorrectly sitting on the needle

That feelgoodknitting link is great, both of them are. I never found those kinds of things for fixing increases and decreases until I’d finally worked out how to do most of these fixes on my own. I admit to having a hard time following the instructions I was given. It’s nice to be able to help deprive someone else a bit of the figuring-it-out-on-my-own fun. :wink: