How to move past scarves?

First I would like to say hello to all! :waving: I am so glad to have found some place that I can share my obsession with. I taught myself to knit earlier this year. I have made 5 scarves so far. I am so ready to move on. I would love to knit a hat, especially with winter in the near future. I have been buying books and magazines but have not taken the plunge to actually make something. I would love to make hat and scarf sets for my friends and family. I would really like to make/start a sweater before the year is over. My question is what is a good pattern to challenge myself but not overwhelm me?


do you have any circular needles? i personally just decided one day to take the jump and then figure it out as i go along. I haven’t done anythign terribly complicated because i like to be able to work on the fly (pay no attention to the girl knitting at the stop light!) but knitting a hat in the round is about as easy as it gets after the scarf. This is a great site to look at …

LOTS of hats and you can find one that suits your fancy. i had to stop myself from starting my felted hat that i want to make last night cuz i have too many projects started. must finish at least one before i go for it again… :smiley:

My sock tutorial! :cheering:
It looks scary, but I’ve seen the finished socks of MANY a newbie and they all completed them successfully. It’s perfect for someone wanting a challenge. All you have to know is how to knit, purl, and cast on. EVERYTHING else is described in detail with pictures.

Welcome! :waving:
My first non-scarf project was a hat for DD. I made it flat (not on circulars.) I learned how to make decreases, then I seamed it up the back. It was easy-peasy and taught me a lot.

The pattern I used was from a book, but it was similar to this one. Look under ‘Straight Needle Version’. The one I made was a lot smaller than this one, though. Oh, and I just used dpn’s for the first time on a hat, and it really wasn’t bad at all. I would totally recommend that you try your hand at dpn’s.


I second Silver’s socks! I’m also making the transition from scarfs to other stuff (though the fact that I’ve only knitted scarves goes well with the fact that I only know how to crochet hats!) and I’ve started the socks tutorial. (I have an inch more ribbing to go before the heel!) It’s a little compicated to get started on the dpns, but the instructions are really good.

I would like to thank you all for the suggestions. :smiley: I bought my first circular needles yesterday. Although not my favorite bamboo, I am excited to get started. I chose a hat pattern to start with. I will be starting on some socks in the very near future :wink: I will let you all know how it turns out. THanks again


Oooohhhh Silver! I gotta go buy some DPNs now!
I wanna try my hand at makin socks. :slight_smile:

Im gonna vote for either Sil’s socks, a hat, or another scarf, but with a more challenging pattern than the ones you’ve worked on. Something lacey that would allow you to practice your increases and decreases and so on…

I have no idea what I have gotten myself into :?? Everytime I cast on the stitches they end up twisting. I have casted on and ripped them out to many times to count. Mind you I have to cast on 96 stitches and the fact that the needles are aluminum ( I have only used bamboo) makes it even worst. I am beyond frustrated. :wall: Maybe I will pick up my Scarf Style book and give a go to one of those. I know that I love the turtleneck scarf and the Ruffles scarf but they just seemed so advanced for me. I always said once I get more skilled I will do them, but maybe now is the time to push myself into learning them instead of waiting to become more skilled to do them. I know that I need to conquere this. I have heard so many great things about circular needles but right now all I want to do is throw them at a wall. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.


well they are likely to twist as you are working them but BEFORE you join make sure all lf the stitches are on the inside of the circle and just make sure you keep straightening as you go a long until it gets long enough that it just naturally stays straight by itself. i have moments of panic a lot when i am working in the round (which is my favorite thing to do anymore btw!) for fear that i have managed to get it all twisted up. just keep straightening and you should be okay!