How to meet other knitters?

I went to my LYS to get some yarn, and was hoping to make a new knitting friend.

Unfortunately, the lady who owns the shop has a very… brusque personality. She was kinda mean to some of her customers when I overheard her talking… I was afraid to ring my stuff up!!!

Anyway … I don’t get out that much because I’m a SAHM, but I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how I could meet other knitters IRL?

It would be nice to have someone to knit with when I have some time or to chat with. KWIM?

I tend to get a lot of my moral support (for everything, not just knitting) from people online… which is wonderful! But I think I’m missing out on some stuff by not making more of an effort to get to meet more people IRL.


Other than yarn stores you could also take a knitting class at Michaels or some other place that has knitting classes. You might also post where you live so if anyone here is nearby you may be able to get together.

also check to see if there is a group in your area. there appear to be a lot of them on there but none in my area sadly… thankfully my LYS does have a group, though i can’t meet with them more than once a month.

good luck!

oooooh and tell us where you are from…it is very likely there are people on here who are in your area!

Or check Jodstr’s trusty KH map!!

You could try and find a local Stitch N Bitch group.

Here’s a list of some of the previously organized groups with details of how to contact them.


Brenda, you beat me to it! I thoroughly recommend, though I haven’t gone to a Knitting meetup just yet, I’ve made friends from other meetups :slight_smile:

Another idea- if you are in the yarn store again, take your time browsing and mention to some other people in the store that you are looking for a local knitting group. I’ve overheard several conversations like that in my LYS.
I found my group by accident- someone overheard me talking about knitting, and told me that his wife was in a group. I contacted her, and now I’m in the group too! The Michaels near me has a monthly knitting get-together, and the Borders book store has a Stitch-n-Bitch.

[color=darkblue]I was in a craft store at the end of September and asked the girl about where to get knitting supplies and she directed me to a local (23 minutes away) yarn shop from me that has “KNIT IN’S”! Anyone that wants can come for 2 hours for $2 and knit and the two teachers will teach and help if you need it. What is great at the yarn shop is that every thing you could think of needing is there.
I’m meeting knitters and maybe one day I will have a SIT IN KNIT WITH SUSIE in my home. LOL.

Also check out If there isn’t a knitting group in your area, you can start one there for free. Then if others are searching for knitting groups in the area…they’ll find you.

Stalk the Knitting & Crochet section at the book store. If you see someone pick up a knitting book, run over and say “OH MY GOD ANOTHER KNITTER! I’ve been searching for you my WHOLE life. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you my life story!!!”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

What’s so funny? I was serious…that’s how I met the YaYas.

Do you have another yarn shop close to ya? I’m a SAHM too it took a big shove from my dh and mom for me to go the first time :oops: but now I love it I have meet some wonderful people and I see what they were saying I do need to socialize with women over the age of 5… LOL It was hard to even carry on a conversation at first but they were really nice and made me feel very welcome. I’m sorry your experience was negative I hope you can find something close to you…

I think that’s awesome but I just got a funny picture in my head when I read that. Like me looking like a crazy lady in knit from head to toe and a very straight looking person standing in the book isle. Wish I would be brave enough to to do that! I would be too shy (something that I definitely am not in other situations). It seemed a lot easier to me when I was 6…when you saw someone new, you just marched right over and said “wanna play?” Now I always have in my head “does she think i’m a big dork?” “I can’t believe I just said that” and other variations…

I was soooo kidding! I met all of the girls on knitters review. However, I have acosted other knitters at the books store, yarn store, etc. They usually don’t mind!

[color=darkblue]I talk to stranger all the time. If they are in the aisle I’m in and I’m looking for fabric for a quilt I say “I’m a pretty new quilter, do you quilt?”. They love to chit chat. Same thing now with knitting. It is a great way to hear of things happening in the area,

Good for you! That would be so out of my box.

I’ve done it! Although, being a fundraiser, Im a natural networker, too…

You could always take the passive approach, and stand (or knit!) in the knitting book section with your knitting bag hoping someone comes up to YOU.

I’ll have to keep an eye on this thread… :thumbsup:

I’m shy when it comes to new people, I am “kinda” part of a knitting group here in town… but all the other things I do get “in the way”… I’m on a couple of boards and so the group is the same time as the meetings most of the time…

And I think if someone came up to me in a book store… I’d be frightened outta my mind… :expressionless:

I dunno, I have a hard time meeting people, when I did go to the group in town it took me 3 weeks to aproach them… Being a guy, and all the girls in the group… kinda frightened me off…

anyway… if you all have good ideas on meeting others, I’d definately like to know that laughs I’ll quit rambling now… :slight_smile:

:cheering: :cheering: