How to measure armhole

when the pattern calls to measure the armhole say, 5 and 1/2 inches and then bind off, do I measure from the beginning of the armhole and follow the curve with the tape measure
Or, do I measure from the beginning of the armhole straight up to the top (to the needle) and then bind off…I wish I could draw what I mean on here!
Thank you!

No worries, you’re perfectly clear and you’re not the first person to ask this question. You measure straight up from the row where the first bound off sts are.

Thank you Sue! I so appreciate it! I haven’t done armholes in so long I couldn’t remember. I want this little vest done for my grandson for Easter, so now I can get back to working on it!

Thank you!!!:cheering:

hi , my pattern says continue straight until armhole measures 8 1/4 inches, if I measure straight up from beginning if cast offs, it seems really big, for a 36" bust sweater, please help

Your bust size doesn’t have anything to do with the armhole length in general, but you might need a little shorter one. Measure a garment and see how long it is.