How to make yarn buttons?

I have seen buttons made with a plastic ring, You make a loop and crochet 6-8-10 (?) single crochet in the ring to form a circle, join, chain 1, You then single crochet twice (?) in each stitch, to form a ring. Do this one or more times, depending on the size of your plastic ring, then single crochet over the ring to in-case it for the size button you want. My thought was to add a flower to the button. If you could make a bunch of petals on the second row, doing a sc, 2 double cr, 2 trebal cr, 2 double ,single perhaps, more petals or leaves on the third row, depending on the size of your plastic rings, button holes?

Help, Do I know what I’m talking about?
Using the ‘tail from your make loop’ to sew the ‘button’ to the sweater, saves trying to find a matching button. I need help…

They are called Dorset Buttons.

from elann site on free pattern

Simply wrap some leftover yarn ( weave through the middle in figure-8’s or crochet around the edge, or any other means of covering that you like) around a few of those white plastic rings that are sometimes used as stitch markers. These are your invisible buttons.


Maybe. (I do know what you are talking about, but don’t know any exact instructions to give you for one.) Sorry. I have never tried to make one of the buttons from a plastic ring. You might have trouble adding the petals to that, I don’t know. But you could probably just make a real nice tightly crocheted flower the size you need and call that a button. I made some crocheted buttons for a sweater recently but they were just little bobble shaped buttons. One bit of advice. When I sewed my crocheted buttons on, I put a plastic 4 hole button on the back side of each bobble-button to give it some stability. I think it worked. That might also be the thing to do if you just make a tight crochet flower as a button. You may not need that if you can get the plastic ring-flower button idea to work. Good luck. Sounds like a cute button.

I never did the plastic ring type, either, but I have done what Merigold has done. There’s a pictorial [COLOR=“Blue”][B]here[/B][/COLOR] - it does already kind of look like a flower when you’re done, but maybe not flowery enough?

That’s just the ticket, Thanks. Button hunting can be so frustrating, never the right size or colour. Bless you for this.