How to make top-down pleats?

I’m knitting a maternity sweater for my SIL, modifying a non-maternity top-down raglan pattern. I’d like to add two pleats on the front, right under the bust, to accomodate her growing belly. They’d look like upside-down V’s.
I’ve never done pleats from the top down, and the only directions I can find involve purling. I don’t want to purl because I want the extra fabric to drape over her belly and blend in with the rest of the stockinette.
I’ve gotten to where I need to add them – can anyone help? TIA!

Could you just increase sts there - something like a ruffle, but not as many increases. Maybe increase a stitch out of every 3 or 4.

While I was browsing on the web, I came across this pattern. It is for a maternity sweater than uses a removable wedge panel. It isn’t pleats. But I thought it was an interesting idea.