How to make those funky, fuzzy scarves?

A friend of mine was talking about those scarves made with the fuzzy yarn (eyelash??) that roll up on themselves. Is there a specific pattern for it or can I just do basic all the way?

is she just talking about a scarf that is usually flat but will roll itself? if so then yeah a basic stockinette will do the trick. if she wants it in a tube period, then doing it in the round would be easier.

i think that fun fur doesn’t look as good in stockinette though…takes more work to get the lashes to come out from what i have seen. it can be done just more tedious stuff at the end is all.

She might be talking about this one. It’s modeled after the “Magic Scarf”.

Here’s a picture of the one that’s made commercially.

I’ll have to show her that pic. That’s the yarn, but I really think she’s talking about one that rolls up on itself. I don’t know anything. lol

I’m not sure what you mean, but here are a couple of twisty, spirally patterns:

Well could only find that one, but there are more patterns out there if thats the style you are looking for.

Here’s the pattern for the Magic Scarf that carolina red found:

Hey, that’s cool! That’s not what my friend was talking about, but I think I might make that for me. :slight_smile: TY!

do you mean a spiral scarf? i have a pattern for ones i have made

WOW! Who knew there were so many scarf patterns!

:?? Hmmm, 4 days later and my original link isn’t working! It appears that Coats & Clark don’t have the yarn or pattern on their site anymore. However, I Googled the pattern and found a copy at:

This is kind of annoying to me, since this pattern was the specific thing that lured me back to knitting after abandoning it for crochet for 20 years (when you crochet and mess it up, there’s usually only 1 loop to frog, rather than 100s of them… but now I have bamboo needles and the stitches don’t go sliding off of those :sunglasses: ).