How to make this slit

I am knitting this shawl:

Pattern says: Keeping in pattern work across first 36 sts, holding contrsting yarn and working yarn together, work across next 23 stitches, drop contrasting yarn and work to end of row.
Continue in working yarn and pattern as established until shawl measures 14 " from beginning, ending with a wrong side row. Cut yarn
With crochet hook and using contrasting yarn as a guide, haold yarn to wrong side of work and pull 1 st through the center of each of 23 sts marked for slit. Place sts on straight knitting needle , and attach yarn to right side.

I have done this at least a dozen times…I end up with the sts on a needle with the point pointing left…how do I attach yarn to right side? This has got be completely baffled and I am sure it is just something simple that I am not seeing
I have tried using like a tail of yarn to pick up the sts, I have used the yarn coming from the skein…I have tried everything I can think of and I cannot figure this out. I do have trouble
visualizing things…

To ‘attach’ a yarn end you just leave a tail and begin knitting with it. Instead of using the hook to pick up the sts and place them on the needle, just take the R needle and poke it into the sts one by one, wrapping the yarn around it and pulling it through to make the stitch. See the video on picking up stitches, I think it’s on the Tips page, toward the bottom.

Okay you have knit the whole shawl and you are going back to add that little handle like piece that is the slit.

You pick up the stitches across where you marked it with the contrast yarn. After you get the stitches on the needle cut that yarn leaving a tail to work in, you won’t want to work with it because it is in back and you need to work on the front side.

You are right that the tip of your needle is pointing left, move all the stitches to another needle so that the point is to the right of the stitches. Take the end of yarn coming from the skein, leave a tail and start knitting across the stitches.