How to make stitch markers?

i want to make myself some pretty stitch markers using the beads and jewelry making supplies at walmart/michaels/hobby lobby.

anybody make their own? can you give me any tips?
i’ve never made my own jewelry, so when i looked in that section this weekend, i felt a bit overwhelmed…but i don’t want to spend the money on premade pretty ones when i now i can make some relatively easily…

any suggestions? :shrug:

Hi Meghan,

I used to make jewelry, but the simplest stitch markers I’ve found to make are using the round end of a toggle closure. Walmart has inexpensive toggle closures and in the photo that I included, that’s what I used. They will fit up to size 10 needles. Then you just buy some ‘head pins’. The type that I used in the example have a loop on the end, which is where I attached the charm. Other head pins look just like stick pins, but longer to accomodate the beads. Maybe the toughest part (and really not that tough) is making the loop on the top of the head pin after you’ve strung on whatever beads you want. This is where you will attach it to the end of the toggle that will slide on to the knitting needle. I have found that I like to use inexpensive but pretty plastic beads rather than glass beads because they can be too heavy. I hope this helps. If I’ve gotten too basic, I apologize, but sometimes a picture helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Shelley :muah:

duh…here’s the picture…

a decent pair of needle nose pliers/ jewelers pliers helps too… and I second the suggestion for plastic or lightweight beads. you also (of course) want smooth beads so they don’t snag. have fun with it!! :slight_smile: I know I’ve seen at least 1 tutorial for making stitch markers on Craftster too.

i actually looked at those toggles this weekend and thought “well this would be just perfect!” but wasn’t sure if the straight pin style or the loop. thanks for the wise idea on the light weight beads. i wouldn’t have thought of that. i was just looking for ones that are pretty! :oops: :teehee:
i might pick up some goodies this weekend. i deserve some pretty place markers!