How to make eyelets for drawstring in stockinette

Hi, haven’t been here for a while. Been making lots of baby things as a new grandchild in on the way.

I’m making a baby cocoon for him, knitting in the round and want to make an eyelet row to thread a drawstring through to close the bottom. I don’t have a pattern, just winging it. From what I read, having the bottom open is really convenient for changing baby without taking him out of the cocoon.

The yarn is a worsted weight boucle, size 9 needles. I’m assuming I need to do some kind of yarn over and knit together? Is it just that simple?

Thanks for your help.

Making eyelets is easy. Knit to where you want the eyelet , Yarn over , then k2 together. The yarn over is an increase but you cancel it out with the K2tog so your stitch count will remain the same when you knit the next row. When you knit the next row , treat the yarn over as a regular stitch and your stitch count returns to the original number of stitches you had before the eyelet row. Hope this helps you.

Yep, just yo, k2tog, and you probably want to knit 3 or 4 sts between them to space them out.