How to make corkscrews?


I have seen pictures of little girls hats with corkscrews on the top but looking for a pattern and haven’t found any yet.

Has anyone made these and could guide me to a pattern?


I know for sure that there are instructions in either ‘Knitting on the Edge’ or ‘Knitting Over the Edge’, both by Nicky Epstein. I can’t remember which one - check your local library, they should have it or be able to get it for you.

Otherwise, if I come across a pattern I’ll let you know.

Yep, here it is. It’s in Knitting On The Edge

Also looks like there’s a ‘Crazy Corkscrew Worm’ in this book:

I also found this pattern:
for a scarf, but it seems like it’s done lengthwise, cast on ___ number of stitches, work 2 or 3 rows plain then kfb into every stitch, knit 2-3 rows plain again, kfb, etc., you will get a large number of stitches by the end but cast off and apparently it makes a corkscrew! I’ve never tried it though.

basically you cast on however many stitches, depending on how long you want the corkscrew to be (remembering of course that it will shorten as it “curls” up) then you knit into the front, back, and front of each stitch (increase three stitches for each one stitch…so if you cast on 90 stitches you will have 270 when you are done.) The next row you bind them all off. you will see the magic happen as you are binding off! :thumbsup:

one thing i would say is to cast on loosely…not so loosely that it won’t curl up but loose enough that you don’t kill your fingers increasing three stitches in each stitch!

Thank you!!