How to make Boye flexable

At the joint end where it connects to plastic on the metal just bend it up, down, sideways.Don’t be afraid to REALLY bend it in all directions.I did mine cause I got p@%&!!# off at the stiffness and just started bending them.I even bent the cord part!!! Kinda like a S snake move and even wrapped it around a pencil!!! None of them broke and there MUCH more flexible.I ordered a spare set and have done it to all of them.Nothing happened to any of them but more flexiablity :smiley:

i did that once…it broke! :frowning:

Aw, drat…I got all excited there for a moment and thought the stiffness problem was solved! :verysad:

I just tried to brake one and it won’t.So all’s I can say is all of mine didn’t break :happydance:

I’ll try with one of the shorter cables that I can’t knit with anyway…if all goes well with it, I’ll move up! :thumbsup:

there was a tip on knitty gritty once about soaking your cables in really hot water to make them more flexible.

I tried that, but the cable only stayed flexible while it was warm. :frowning:

:rollseyes: bummer. That’s one thing that really bothers me about the Boye’s…I tried them once but never use them. Love the flexibility an weight of the Denise’s too much to bother with that. Since you already have them though, what a PITA that they are so tough. I’m sure someone has already checked…does their website have any tips?

I’ve heard people putting them in boiling water, but I’m too afraid to try that. Wouldn’t it melt?

It would be nice if we could figure it out!

the boiling water doesn’t melt them b/c you only do it for a moment or two. I did it to mine and it’s intended moreso to get the kinks out than to make them more flexible or softer. I don’t use mine at all anymore but I did when I first got them…got spoiled on addis…

Yep, I’m headed towards only using Addis myself, and not just because of that wonderfully flexible cable. They knit like a dream!! :inlove: :inlove:

i am using my boye right now to knit my lady eleanor - i hate the stiffness, but love the boye b/c the tip is somewhat sharp and the lady eleanor is A LOT of picking up stitches and i think the tip of the addi is a smidge duller than i would like for that