How to make a scarf like/ similar to this? :)

Hi! :slight_smile: Do you think this floral? pattern on this Kenzo scarf/hat would be hard? Anyone know of any patterns that look similar (to the flowers themselves not the whole hat/scarf thing in particular)??? And, do you think this wool is felted? or just fuzzy???. :slight_smile: Thanks! :slight_smile:

(p.s. lets someone knit those underwear! lol. :wink: … )

It’s very difficult to tell what kind of fabric that is, if it’s even knitted at all. The floral motif would involve a lot of intarsia knitting which is very challenging at first.

It looks like mohair or somthing like it to me…intarsia on the flowers would be my guess, too.

It’s definitely knitted… you’re right maybe mohair? Maybe a felted mohair? I’ve done a bit of intarsia/ fair isle work. :wink: I think? I could do this. (though lots of color changing! … :slight_smile: … ) …