How to make a knitted tube?

Hello all, I have a question-is it possible to make a knitted tube that is open on both ends? I wear headphones when I’m drifting off to sleep at night (listening to relaxation cd’s, I love them!) and I want to knit long, skinny tubes to slide over the headphone cords…to help keep them from kinking up and just make them more comfy.:wink:
Thank you.

Sure. You can either knit a long flat piece and seam it or you can knit in the round and make a tube. It should be very simple.

I came across this pattern that you might like.

If they’re really thin, it’d be easier to make an I cord than seam up a flat piece.

Jan-That’s very helpful, and so simple! It seems so much can be done with DPN’S. I’ll try it both ways with dpn’s and seaming.:wink:

fatoldlady-Wonderful, just what I need. I can’t believe that there’s a pattern even for this! It never ceases to amaze me that even the most obscure items have patterns designed just for them.:wink:

suzeeq- I’ll certainly experiment with the i-cord, too. I’ve read about all sorts of ways that i-cord can be used, from bracelets to handles to design onto the item itself. I’ll experiment with that as well.:wink:

This is why I feel so blessed to be a part of this forum, not just for help with the basics but also for the encouragement. Thanks much.:hug: