How to make a hat slouchy style

I’m not currently working with any particular pattern. Actually, I’m brainstorming ideas for my next knitting pattern design. I really like slouchy knit hats, but I want to be sure that I understand how their construction works. Any advice would be great!

To make a regular knit hat a slouchy one, would you use larger needles for the body of the hat than used for the brim? Cast on extra stitches to make it a loose fit? I’m guessing you still want a regular fitting brim in order to keep the hat on your head. Then suppose you would also make the hat a bit longer before decreasing. But, I am guessing. Many of the knitters on this forum are far more experienced than I am.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

That sounds like it would work. You may have to experiment a bit.

There are lots of free patterns at . If you find one you like you might use it or if not you can look at several patterns and see how they’re done. There are slouchy hats that are more beanie style and some that are more of a beret style. I just got a request for another one. I told my GD that if someone asks where they can get one, sell it and we’ll buy more yarn. :slight_smile: The one she’s wearing was an experiment that I thought had failed.

Thanks! I’m going to play around with some ideas. :slight_smile: