How to make a bracelet row counter

A poster suggested I do a tutorial on how to make the bracelet row counters like this:

So after a loooooooooooooong delay (& a reminder email - sorry!!!), here ya go. Enjoy. :thumbsup: (You can count up to 99 rows with these bracelets. The ‘how to’s’ of using it are at the bottom.)

What you need:
-Nylon-coated beading wire (I use .30mm) or memory wire found in beading stores
-Elastic cord (I used .5mm/.019")
-(5) 2x2 crimp tubes
-A lampwork bead or other focal bead
-(10) 8mm beads
-(13) 6 mm beads (or (9) 6mm beads and additional accent beads)
-Assorted accent beads
-Medium sized toggle
-Crimp tool
-Wire cutter (or I find nail clippers work just as well and I can sometimes cut much closer to where I want to be)

Here is a closeup of the crimp tool. Notice there are two notches. The one closest to the bolt crimps the crimp tube into a “C” shape and the notch closest to the tip closes the “C” into a more round shape. The purpose is to hold the wire tight so it doesn’t slide and also functions as a stopper for the beads so their not sliding all over the bracelet.

To start, cut two 10" lengths of the beading wire. Slide a crimp tube on both wires followed by the open end of the toggle. Thread the end of the wire back through the crimp bead so you have a loop holding the toggle. Pull the loop tight, but do leave a bit of room so the toggle has a bit of room to move. You should have about 1 to 1-1/2" of excess wire on the other side of the crimp - DO NOT TRIM - crimp the crimp tube.

Next, on both wires, thread on accent beads and the lampwork bead or focal bead as desired making sure to cover the excess wire, followed by another crimp tube. Crimp.

On one wire, thread nine of the 8mm beads. On the other wire, thread 9 of your 6mm beads. Measure 7 - 8" away from last crimp tube placed and put on another crimp tube [B]on both wires[/B]. This distance will be a personal preference. I like mine to be about 7" long. That gives me enough spare wire to use the bracelet comfortably. The bracelet is large on me, so if you want a more snug fit but still need the empty wire room, I suggest using 6mm beads for the larger size and 4mm for the smaller size.

Now cut approx 4-5" of elastic cord. String four 6mm beads or whatever accent beads you want onto the elastic cord. Thread a crimp tube on one end of the cord and thread the opposite end of the cord through the same crimp tube going the opposite direction. The result is a circle of beads large enough so that you can push your counter beads (already threaded onto the main bracelet) through through this ring but not so large that they will just slip through. When you have the diameter you want pull the elastic taut but not tight. You do want some stretch. Crimp & trim the excess cord. Slide this circle over both wires on the bracelet.

Now thread any additional accent beads and an 8mm bead on both wires followed by another crimp tube. Finally, thread the latch part of the toggle and loop the ends of the wire around and back through the crimp tube just like the beginning. Again pull the wires into a small loop, but still allow enough room for the toggle to move - you don’t want the loop too tight. Crimp and trim the excess wire as closely as you can.

Ta-da! You’ve made your very own row counter bracelet!!!:woohoo:

It’s used like an abbicus; think of the smaller beads as signifying 1 row and the larger beads signifying 10 rows. After each completed row, push a smaller (6mm) bead through the beaded ring. When the 10th row is completed, push all the small beads back through and replace with a larger bead. You can count up to 99 rows with these bracelets. Have fun!

Thaks for taking the time to organize the process so well! I bought one from somewhere as I was too lazy to do the beading, doubted my skills at ‘finishing’ it and well, just don’t need another craft (which is not to say I don’t have a fair supply of beading supplies already!)

This is great, thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial! :cheering:

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for taking all the time to do such a WONDERFUL tut on this! I wanted a row counter when I was doing a thing in the round only to discover that the row counter at the store coudln’t work on my circs. THIS is the PERFECT solution AND an EXCELLENT gift! Thank you!:muah: :muah: I know what I’m going to be doing tonight!

You’re very welcome, everyone. I’ve found they do come in handy. And pretty, too. And who couldn’t use something pretty on their wrist to go along with their wonderful knitting? :wink:

This is fantastic! I am definitely making one of these. It doesn’t look like I have all the stuff now, but I’m excited about my upcoming trip to the hobby store. Thank you so much:hug:

When you get 'em made, post pics. We wanna see! :cheering:

This is a great tutorial, good job. I’d actually been wondering how you use them. I didn’t realize that the ring of beads was on elastic cord.

Your tut is great and the explanation is great. I alway look at them and read the way to use it. Not:tap: yours is so easy to understand. I don’t think that I will be making one soon but at least I now how to use one.:thumbsup:Thanks again for the great tutorial.:stuck_out_tongue:

oh, I have to do it…thanks so much!

Thank you for your wonderful tutorial. SOMEDAY, I might find the time to make one. In the mean time, you inspired me to head over to ETSY and buy one!!!

Thank you so much for this - I’ve been trying to figure out how to make these. (I think a stop at the craft store is in order on the way home tonight!) Great job of explaining it all, your instructions are very clear to a “beading newbie” like me :slight_smile: Just want to say how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into it for us!!

Thank you!! I can’t wait to make one (read a bunch!) I think they’ll be additive like stitch markers :balloons:

I spent hours last night on the Art Beads website. I finally picked everything out, and it is on it’s way. If you want to see a teaser, here is a picture of my focal bead.:teehee:

OMG!!! That is gorgeous!!! Now I wanna make yet another one. This is one I knocked out last night.

I had to run right out and buy beads today!! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

I finally made one. I am no good at crimping my crimp beads. I initially made the bracelet too long and the counter ring too big so I had to fix them a couple times and I ran out of the crimp rings I ordered. Of course my impatient self ran right to Walmart to pick up some more. They are not silver so they weren’t as nice to work with as the first set and they kept breaking. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but all of my crimp rings turned out flat. I tried to use the ‘c’ making section and then the ‘round’ making section, but the ‘c’ section would make it flat and then the ‘round’ section would open the silver beads back up and just break the Walmart ones. Grrr:shrug:.

I’ve attached two pictures. You can kind of see the bracelet and the matching stitchmarkes on the white background, but the colors are truer on the wood background. For some reason I can’t manage to take pictures of beads any better than I can work a crimper:eyes:.

Bead work might not be my calling, but I think I’ve got at least a couple more in me. :slight_smile:

Those came out great Amanda! I especially like the pink one - great job!! I have trying this on my “to do” list - just have to get to the craft strore for some of the supplies. Hope mine come out as nicely as yours :smiley:

Thanks! I finally figured out what was wrong with my bead crimping. My crimper was too small. Of course when picking up a new crimper, I had to grab some more beads. I don’t know what I am going to do with all of these, but they are so fun to make.

These are great! I bought one from Hide 'n Sheep and it’s a pin instead of a bracelet. Love it!