How to maintain the seed or miss stitch pattern when slipping the first stitch

I have heard about slipping the first stitch but I am unclear of how to put it into practice.
With the pattern pictured below would I
Row 1: slip P1 (k1p1 to last stitch k1
Row 2:slip K1 (p1k1) k1
In other words disregard what the pattern says for the first stitch and just slip it and disregard the pattern for the last stitch and just knit it?
Or am I misunderstanding?

That method of working the slip stitches will work. The knit fabric will be a tiny bit narrower than even an unslipped edge but this may not matter. Alternatively, you could add an extra stitch at each edge which will become the slipped stitch.
What are you making and what is your pattern name?

I am doing the gauge swatch for
Victoria sweater

Victoria pattern by Lori Versaci

As you can imagine I am hesitant to change the pattern. Do you think it is best to slip the stitch or just follow the pattern since the edges will be sewn together?

Naomi Brooks RM MScCH

Not everyone likes to slip the first stItch. I never do (unless for instance a lace pattern calls for it explicitly) but I also never have problems with untidy edges. If you are quite new to knitting or new to knitting sweater patterns I would suggest not changing the number of stitches as there are already so many different aspects of stitch counting to grapple with (the stitch pattern, arm and neck shaping etc) and at each stage you would need to remember if you added stitches. That’s just my opinion.
Your edges will anyway be seamed into the sweater so it’s not likely to matter if they are a little untidy.
There is another method for neatening edges which is to work into the back of the stitch, this adds a twist in the first stitch which takes up some slack. I don’t do this either but you might like it.

You’re right. Really just as well to leave the pattern as is since the edges are seamed. If it were a scarf or shawl, it would be worth having the chain created by slip stitch edges.
It’s a very good looking jacket with the lovely seed stitch fabric. Enjoy knitting it!

Thank you for the help. I have been knitting for about 6 years. I have made 2 other sweaters. I like a challenge in knitting but I also don’t want to be stressed and overwhelmed!

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