How to Line A Knitted Hat?

I’ve just finished knitting an [I]earflap hat[/I] and as well as being a tad too big I feel it’s not going to be as warm as I’d like so I’m considering [I]lining it with fleece[/I].
Has anyone done this before & happy to pass on their wisdom?
I can do the sewing either by hand or machine to prepare the lining, but I need tips on how to measure it against the hat, whether I should line before the hat is sewn up (there’s a back seam) or after and if the edges of the fleece should be turned & pressed back first, how much…& on & on & on. If you’ve done it, you’ll be sure to steer me right.
All help much appreciated as always. :thumbsup:

Fleece doesn’t stretch much, does it?
I’m concerned that it would fight with the flexible quality of the knitted fabric and mess with the fit. (Pause while Knitasha checks the closet for the piece of Polar Fleece she’s been meaning to make a jacket from for the last two years. Hmmm. It stretches a bit in one direction, not at all in the other.)

You might do better with some knit yardage – cotton or wool or acrylic – that will stretch along with the fabric you knitted.

Use it to make a lining just a tiny bit smaller than the original and sew it in at the bottom edge. If you are really ambitious, knit an exact replica of your hat, but in a different color or pattern, and hand-stitch the bottom edges together. Voila – a super-warm reversible hat.


Knitasha you are a GENIUS!!!
I love the idea of knitting another slightly smaller size of the same hat to fit inside as a lining! This is so perfect, I’m going to start tonight. Genius, genius, genius.
I’ll let you know how it turns out.

If you make your lining an inch or two shorter than the hat, kind of fit to the skull, the hat itself will still pull down like you like it to do, and it adds a lot of warmth. I have several like this, but alas, no camera to take a picture with for you. Hope I explained it well enough.