How to knit yarn that is thick and thin?

I got some pretty yarn that goes from thick to thin and back again with various colors. I tried knitting it just garter stitch on large needles to make a scarf but it did not look good. I tried a few other things but have not figured out what to do with it. Here is the yarn:

what can I do to knit it and make it look as pretty as it is?
I wanted to make a scarf or something.

What size needles did u use?


first I tried size 15, but it did not look good. now I am trying size 10.

I’d go for somewhere in the middle, size 11

How about seed stitch? It’s “bumpy” anyway. If nothing else works, maybe you could go back to the larger needles and add a 2nd strand of a different yarn.

What a koinkidink! After reading and replying to your post, I also started a project using thick/thin yarn. Yours looks bulkier than mine, however.
Here’s a sample of what I’m doing, using size 9 needles and the bramble stitch (easy). I remember from previous projects that small samples using this type of yarn just look sloppy, so it wouldn’t be suitable for doll clothes, but when you get a large piece worked up, it all falls into place.

With regular yarn, each of these “bumps” would look the same. On a large piece it would even out. Here, it just looks like sloppy knitting.

I’m trying to find some thick & thin yarn to knit a blanket that requires 1 stitch per inch on a #36 needle. Would like to get something online. Any ideas?:knitting: