How to knit with Marshmallow Yarn

Hi, I have bought some Marshmallow yarn from Spotlight. It is really weird stuff and says to knit on size 12mm needles. Bought the needles and have spent the last couple of hours trying to knit it. It is just a scarf done in garter stitch but there must be a knack to it. Anyone have any clues?

you want to “cast on” using slip knots in the cord portion of the yarn instead of the traditional cast on. Then you need to make sure to only knit with the cord in between the marshmallows letting the actual marshmallows settle as the stitch. once you get going, it is a VERY quick knit!!

I hope it works out for you :slight_smile:

I’ve knit with something similar. Lazy Daisy. It didn’t call for that large of needles but even using large needles it wasn’t pleasant to knit with. Plus it seems most of the bobbles end up on the wrong side and need to be coaxed to the front.

You really don’t want to frog it.

I can’t find any yarn by Spotlight, but does it look like this?

That’s some weird stuff! I can’t imagine what you’d do with it… :zombie:maybe a border on something? Or I suppose if you like that kind of thing a scarf or something. :think:

That’s the one we carry at the shop I work in on Saturdays…the only reason I know about how to work with it after showing 15 or so people how to use it :slight_smile:

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the hints. someone has mentioned ericas and yes I emailed her last night as well. Had a response from her like your, only use the thread in between. Just about to start trying again.
Janet (New Zealand):