How to knit with 'Foxy' yarn?

Hi all :wink:

I am a newbie and discovered this fab site through a craft forum I belong to. I am a returner to knitting - but I haven’t done it since I was a little girl, so have had a practise with plain yarn to get used to it again.

I really want to knit a scarf using Sirdar ‘foxy’ yarn. Is there a particular way to use this yarn, as all of the ‘eyelashes’ are on one side of the yarn, or do I just jump in and use it as it comes?

Thanks in advance - hope you can help me!! :XX:

I haven’t knit with an eyelash yarn, but I would say to just use it as it comes! Usually those kinds of yarns call for larger needles, so the fuzzies stick out through the holes on both sides. Hope that helps!

Thanks for your reply :thumbsup:

When I bought the yarn, I asked which size needle is best and she gave me 7mm - not sure what ‘size’ that is. They seem quite large, but I wonder if they are large enough. I think a friend knitted using size 4 :??

i’ve used anywhere from a 6.5 mm up to an 8 mm for a single strand of a novelty eyelash/fur yarn. If I’m pairing it with another yarn, I start at about 10 mm and have gone up as large as 15 mm.