How to knit with a hole in your finger?

Yes, I’ve done this to myself. My sock needle seems to have made a small hole in my index finger, right between 2 ridges. How long does this usually take to heal? It’s quite painful for something that is open but not bleeding at all. I’ve put a bandage on it (band-aid) but that’s kind of awkward.

You could try using a coin thimble, it is like a leather work glove finger tip with a metal disk over the finger tip pad, until the pinhole heals and a callus starts to form

It will heal but keep the band aid on it for awhile. It will give the tip of the finger time to get tough. I know I did the same thing. :roflhard:


Oy! that is painful! Hope it heals fast…

You’d think after a year + of knitting this wouldn’t happen. Of course I haven’t had these sock needles very long.

If I don’t get those from knitting I get them from working.
I push with a fingernail or the other needle.

My fingertips are heavily calloused so mine don’t heal. I have the hole and it get calloused inside so I get my normal thick fingertip with an extra thick bump (I have one of those right now).

I have done that! It sux! I tried a cloth thimble…but it was bulky…ultimatly, I just knit though the pain…trying to avoid hitting the spot…it went away in about two or three days…

You could switch to a project with bigger needles…for a while…

There are tiny adhesive leather pads that quilters use to avoid being stuck by needles. They are less awkward than a thimble and the stickum is very durable; you can reuse them several times.

Also, check to see whether you are knitting too tightly. If you can loosen up a bit you might be able to slide the stitches off the needle without pushing.

They slide fairly easily, it’s just that they get stretched out along the needle. I get to going too fast and they don’t slide quickly enough to keep up, so to speak. When I’m in a pattern and taking my time a bit more, they keep up easily and slide well. I got some thicker band-aids and it goes well…except the edges tend to stick a tiny bit.

I am a big fan of elastoplast…I don’t know why…I just like the fabric better!

Now I have the Band-Aid commercial running though my head…

“I am stuck on Band-Aid brand cause Band-Aid helps heal me”

[B]Try learning Portuguese Knitting![/B]
You don’t use your index fingers. INstead, you cross the needles in front and then use your thumb to flip the yarn, which is around your neck, over the needle. Here are some tutorials. BTW, I was forced to learn an alternative way to knit b/c of hand problems. With this method, I can knit again!:cheering:

In this one, she explains a yarn holder. Good for me, since neck problems prevent me from putting the yarn around my neck. I use a safety-pin type stitch holder and put it through a buttonhole (or my bra strap, if there’s no buttonhole:aww:).

This one shows the basic knit stitch. She goes slowly enough to actually tell what she’s doing. Take note that you DO cross your right needle over the FRONT of the left needle and then flip the yarn over it with your thumb.

This one shows the purl stitch, which is actually EASIER than the knit stich!

And this one shows ribbing.

Here’s cables.

Here’s casting on, but it’s in Portuguese! I’m sure you can use whatever cast on works for you!

You’re never too old to learn new techniques! If nothing else, this gives you an alternative method for when your hands get tired or when you poke holes in your fingers!

OMG, not to laugh at you… but I usually have an indent in my left index finger from pushing the needle! Sometimes the ‘indent/hole’ is larger than other times, but when I’m ‘in knitting mode’, it always seems to be there.

I’m assuming that you always push the needles with your index finger! (as I do). The only thing to solve this problem is to either work with a thimble, or work you calouses (sp) up…

There really is no other answer.

I was checking it out after my dd’s swimming lessons tonight, and the hole looks as though the skin just split open between 2 ridge lines on my fingerprint (hope that makes sense).

My aunt checked and said that she hoped it hadn’t stained my knitting. I had to tell her that it didn’t bleed, just opened up LOL.

I beg to differ! Another answer would be to change the way you knit. You do whatever you have to do to keep doing your craft!

I’ve only been doing this for a few rows but so far it’s working.

G J, why would that style stop the need to push the needles? Right now I’m doing a 6 row cable that occasionally crosses as a 12 row. It can get pretty tight on the needle after a cross.

Hi Mike,
You don’t push the needle because you use totally different movements to wrap the yarn and get the needle through and off. If you watch the videos, you can see how it’s done. It’s more of a pull movement than a push movement.

Gina, you’ve led me to a pattern for my DIL, now I’m about to follow you into Portugese knitting. My hands are so bad again that I can’t knit my regular away, so I’ll try this later tonight, when it’s quiet and I can concentrate.


Take your time, Deb! Watch ALL the videos first. Then try it on a swatch for awhile, just to get the hang of it. You’ll be amazed how fast you pick it up and how fast you knit!

Pushing for me has to do with sliding stitches up the needle.
In the video I watched there were only 5-6 stitches and she was going slow so that wasn’t an issue.
I would still be pushing.

So far the superglue has plugged the hole nicely.

I started knitting over 15 years ago. And no matter how hard I try, I always push the needle with my finger, giving myself a dent/hole in my index finger.

I’ve tried other methods, some even work while I’m actively concentrating on them, but once I get into ‘knitting mode’ and am just going with the flow… my finger pushes the needle.

So, the only options for me have been

  1. suffer and work up a callous
  2. use a thimble on my index finger.

For myself, when in knitting mode, I work up a bit of a hard spot on the tip of my index finger and it doesn’t bother me after awhile…
(but I just bought addi tourbos, and ouch. ouch. ouch. those points are sharp!!!

Good luck… oh, and a bandaid might help too! :grphug: