How to knit together from different rows

Hi, I’m fairly new to knitting and on my first project making anything with shapes, before it was only purse, bags and scarf).
I need help with understanding a pattern. I’m making bootees.

The pattern starts with several rows of garter stitch. Then it starts the picot edge pattern with a knit row, a purl row, and a row with lots of k2tog and yrn to make a row of holes. Then it continues with a row of purl, a row of knit and a row of purl

the next row says : fold work at row of holes and knit together, 1st from needle and 1st from FIRST row of picot, all across row.

My question is, how do I do this ? Is it like knitting 2 together ? But knit together from 2 different rows ? Do I slide the stitches from the picot row to the left hand needle, one at a time ?

and how do I fold it, I mean which way is right or wrong ?

Thanks so much for helping,
Sara J

My guess would be to do a three needle bind off. Amy has a video on this. I did a shawl like this once and the purpose of folding the knitting in half was to create a space through which yarn for fringes could go. If that is the case you fold it toward the wrong side of your knitting. In the case of my shawl, the pattern didn’t have us knit it together, we sewed it together and it worked fine. You might consider that as an option as well. Good luck

Sounds like you’re creating a hem or channel? From the [I]Big Book of Knitting[/I] (sorry for the crappy pics…HTH). One shows the picot edge like you worked…the other is the 3-ndl work.