How to knit slip knot


I am beginner… First I did casting on and then started the first row knit stitch… I need a help like… how to knit the slip knot that we made while casting on

Just knit it like you would the other stitches. Make sure you pull on the tail a bit after you’ve completed the stitch so that it won’t be too loose.
You don’t knit INTO the knot, but the loop that you created when you first made it.

Hi… Thanks for the reply… but still I am not getting… sorry … I am a new knitter…Is there any video available online??

The slip knot makes a loop on your needle just like the loops you make when casting on. So knit into like the other loops. Don’t make it so tight that you can’t get the needle into it to make the stitch.

If there seems to be something besides a loop on the needle when you get to the last stitch, maybe you didn’t make a regular slip knot. I don’t know if there is a video that directly addresses how to knit the slip knot, because like the others have said, it should be like every other stitch, just a loop on the needle.

I think the way Amy (the video gal) shows doing a long tail cast on does it without a slip knot. You really don’t have to do a slip knot at all when you cast on that way, although I usually do out of habit.

I suppose to begin a knitted on cast on you must have a slip knot so she may include how to do the slip knot in that cast on. Try looking at that.