How to knit more loosely

I think I may have a problem with knitting too tightly.

Most of the time, I have to fight to get my needle under the stitch, it creeks and I have to stretch the yarn in order for it to work. The result is a knitted block that stands stiff and rigid instead of being loose and flowy. I don’t pull each stitch tight like I used to anymore. I try to give a little wiggle room in each stitch when transfering over to the right needle. I try to think loose, but it doesn’t work. I even keep a mental image of Courtney Love at all times, and my knitting STILL isn’t loose enough.

What am I doing wrong and how can I make it so that my finished product won’t hurt somebody if tossed at their head?

Oh, I knit English style if that helps to clarify.

It’s very common for new knitters to knit too tightly. I was going to say to pull the yarn up a bit before slipping it off the needle to make sure you have some wiggle room. Just a thought…are you sure you’re doing the stitch correctly? I’m wondering if you could be twisting the stitches. :thinking: If not then you probably just need more practice so you have the correct tension.

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Here’s a good article that might help you out. It has helped me a lot!

That is a good article.

I used to knit tightly and I was constantly getting frustrated. It’s the very reason why I gave up on knitting for so long. Then when I went back to it, I picked up a larger set of needles (7mm) and some chunkier yarn to knit my scarf – I had to literally concentrate on what I was doing and purposely pull the working yarn a bit loose because I was in the habit of “tugging” it after the stitch. I still catch myself doing it sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to.

And now…lo and behold! I’ve finished my frist two scarves and am now almost done with the third, with plans to move on to an afghan. :slight_smile:

I used to knit very tight. with me, practice worked really well. I just kept on knitting and eventually you’ll gain more knittingspeed, which (in my case) means automatically looser knitting. you simply don’t have the time to pull the yarn.

for now, take some larger needles. knitting still won’t be easy, but your work will be more loose. that is, that worked for me.

Try casting on with both needles held together, then slide one out when you get all the stitches on. A tight cast on can cause problems.

It is very common to twist stitches when you are a new knitter. Watch Amy’s videos of how to do the stitches and the one where she does a small project to see if you are doing it correctly. Keep going! You’ll get it. Knitting takes practice, that’s why they don’t call it breathing. :thumbsup:

That two needle cast on thing sounds like it might do the trick. I’m also pretty sure that I’m not twisting stitches all the time. I notice when I’ve done that, and I have to un-knit to get back to the twisted stitch. BLEH

Thanks for the help