How to knit knee high men's socks

I’m a beginner/intermediate knitter and would like a men’s sock pattern (knee high in length). Please advise. Thank you.

Patiently :wink:

What answer are you looking for? Leg length? My leg for over the calf is longer than my foot (actual foot not just the foot of the sock after turning the heel).

It does seem like the legs take forever.

Can you have him try them on as you work them? That’s very helpful IME. This pattern looks pretty easy, it’s also knit to fit. Toe-up socks to fit anybody; on two circulars

That one caught my eye on a Ravelry search. You can look at others. If you’ve not already joined Ravelry, you should. It’s free, safe, and extremely useful. If you search for other patterns you might try looking for kilt socks.


Not sure what you want to know… If you’re using a pattern please post the name and a link please. (Don’t post the pattern itself here)

Hi GG,
I appreciate your reply, I apologize for the late response. I looked at the “Toe-Up socks to fit anybody” pattern by Bex Squared, however, the pattern is no longer available. I’ll look at other patterns on Ravelry as you suggested. Thanks again.