How to knit K1f,b&f and K1f,b,f&b?


I am not a very experienced knitter, and normally tend to knit easy patterns. I just downloaded a pattern form the net called juliet and I don´t know how to knit K1f,b&f (increase- turning one stitch into 3) and K1f,b,f&b(increase turning one stitch into 4 stitches).

Thank you for the help!


Knit into the stitch, leave it on the needle, knit into the back leg, then knit into the front leg again - kfbf. The kfbf is the same, but you add one more stitch by knitting into the back leg of the stitch again.

In the first situation they want you to knit like you regularly do; however, do not remove the stitch you just knit into from the left hand needle, instead do a bar increase (you can find an instructional video of how to do this under the “View Videos” tab and by clicking on the word “Increase” scroll down to the middle of the page on the right hand side of your screen the fourth video should demonstrate how you execute a bar increase).

The second one should be very similar to the first situation with you knitting first into the front of the stitch, then the back of the stitch, then the front again and one more time into the back of the stitch never removing the stitch you are working into from the left hand needle. By the way this might be somewhat tight.