HOW TO: Knit into front and back of each st across

My pattern says knit into front and back of each st across…and you end up with double the number of stitches by the end of the row. Is there a video that shows how to do this?

I tried putting the needle in first as if to purl then yo then needle into back as if to K then yo and then pull through but that way I still end up with the same number of stitches.

Thanks for help!


The video is in the abbreviations section.

Thank you I will look for it now.

I should have pointed out that I made you a link! :wink:

I see that now…and I did find it, thanks again…it looks a little hard but am sure i’ll figure it out if I watch it enough times.
Isn’t this site just the greatest? I wasn’t really expecting a response given the holiday and all…very appreciative. Thanks again! Lynn