How to Knit in I-cord on opposite ends

I’m about to knit a top down cardigan, and would like to knit in the I-cord on both edges as I’m knitting the cardigan, not add it at the end. From watching a video on youtube,
the I-cord is working up fine on one edge, but on the other. Does anyone know how this is worked so both edges come out right?

Thank you,

That’s a nice finish for the cardigan. Here’s a video that shows the i-cord at either end of the row. That’s comparable to placing one at beginning or one at end of row. That’ll work for your cardigan
Here’s the video for the neat symmetrical edges with i-cord.

It’s an improvement on the simple i-cord at each end of a row shown here.


Thank you for the prompt response.

That video is among the manys videos I watched, and I couldn’t get the I-cord result I was looking for from any of them.

Then I came upon this link which helped me get the knit-in I cord I was looking for.


That’s great! Looks like a very nice video. It’s a lovely edging to use.
Let us see a photo when you finish please.