How to Knit Effectivly (AKA how to deal with a moody teen)

Being a slightly emotional human being, I find that knitting can be a good relaxer.

Up to a point, :smiley:

Currently my boyfriend won’t speak to me and my mother thinks I am a spoiled brat. :smiley: All because I’m relaxing.

Basically I just found out that my poor baby sweater (which I have thrown against several walls) need to have half a sleeve and the entire front redone. :wall:

Since this is my first project I’m a bit distraught. :pout:

What are some effective relaxing techniques from well…knitting >_<

Knitting can be relaxing but it is also a challenge. I have ripped out so many things and had to do things over many times. If you can convince yourself it is all part of the journey it helps. I tell myself, “I like to knit, so I just get to knit more now that I have to do this over.” :slight_smile: Multiple rippings can be tougher. Take some time out away from a project that is giving you fits. It helps to have something else on the needles that is easy for you that you can turn to for a little of the relaxing side of knitting.

You might also try some deep breathing and don’t forget that exercise is important to a positive mood, and helps you deal with stress.

Oh yes. Always have some easy, mindless knitting available. For me, it’s simple garter stitch dish cloths. No stress. For others it may be a scarf. Just any easy pattern.


Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

Just keep in mind that frogging is part of knitting. Don’t stress over it, just look at it as a chance to do some more relaxing knitting. :mrgreen:

Ripping out can be cathartic; just take your anger out on it. You’ll feel better; it’s like throwing up. :wink:

LOL - Oh I love it!

Seeing as how you’re a nerdy-knitter like me, just go play some Super Metroid for a while… That always makes me feel better. :yay: