How to "Knit cord bind off"

Trying to find out how to do a “Knit cord bind off”. I need something like it to give edge support to the piece I’m putting together. Anyone know of a web sight, and book, or just plane know how to do it.


If you’re talking about an attached i-cord, there are directions here:

scroll down. :smiley:

I had planned on using that if I had to but my mother had a way of making it part of the bind off. She used it on her bags to give strength to the rims. She would somehow cast on a few more stickes onto the empty needle and work a bind off that build a cord into it. :thinking:

That sounds like an attached i-cord. There isn’t a video, but there are directions. These might be more detailed:

I put an attached icord on the cast off of my Blossom Bucket Bag… I did it once the bag was done, as I’d cast on from the top of the bag.

But I just caughtup the right hand stitch on the dpn, with the stitch on the bag, and knitted it together. It was very easy to do, and came up FABULOUSLY :smiley:

Oooooh mom sent me this

This instruction comes from a knitting bag pattern by
Imagine that you have been knitting in the round. The "first marker"
referred to indicates where the round begins. Here goes:

"Knit Cord Bind Off: (A double pointed needle used as the working
needle can make binding off easier. Drop the right end of the circular
needle out of the way and use it as a stitch holder.)

  • Cast 3 stitches onto the right needle at the first marker using a
    backward loop cast-on. Transfer them to the left needle (The yarn will
    be attached to the 3rd stitch from the end.)

  • Stretch the yarn across the back of the work [the 3 stitches you just
    cast on] and knit the 1st stitch on the needle.

  • Knit the next cast-on stitch.

  • Knit the 3rd cast-on stitch and the first bag stitch together through
    the back loops. This binds off one bag stitch.

*Replace the three stitches just made from the right needle back onto
the left.

  • Repeat the process of stretching the yarn across the back of the
    three stitches and knitting them. Remember to knit the third stitch
    with the fourth (bag stitch). This knit cord bind off gives the bag a
    firm edge.

Stitches can be picked up around the top of the bag and cast off in
knit cord again. This creates a more pronounced edge. …"

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, enjoy!

Love, Mom