How to knit button band as you go

Knitting a baby romper with buttons on the front that is design to have minimal finishing. I don’t understand how to knit the button band section. Is there a name for this technique creating stitches using kfb and using dpns on the end of the left front and knitting button band as as you go?.

Are the 8 created stitches extra to the left front stitch count?

Pattern is Christening Romper

Please help with this section:
Creating the Button Band
NOTE: It is important to get the next 3 rounds correct; please read the entire instructions for the next 3 rounds
before you knit them. You’re going to be switching things around here so grab some chocolate and
hang on, and make sure you count your stitches at the end of it!!

Round 1- k29(31), place button band marker,[B] kfb in the next 8 sts, place 2nd button band marke[/B]r, knit
past side and beginning of round markers and continue to button band marker, sm, [with yarn in back
k1, with yarn in front, sl1pw] repeat to next button band marker, TURN *you will now be working flat

Row 2- [with yarn in back, sl1pw, with yarn front, purl 1] repeat across to the next button band
marker, sm, purl past beginning of round and side markers and continue to button band marker. Slip
marker and [p1, sl1pw (work these normally)] to next button band marker, TURN.

Row 3- [sl1pw, k1 (work these normally)] to next button band marker, knit past side and beginning of
round markers and continue to button band marker.
Remove marker and [B][using working needle, k1, take your dpn held to the back side of work and slip
one stitch onto your dpn.] repeat to the next button band marker, remove marker, place the stitches
that are on the dpn onto your left working needle and TURN.[/B]
(You’re going to add one marker and rename the other two)Place new beginning of round marker and
continue to row 4. Note: Because the stitches are still a bit squished together, I have added this
marker for your convenience. It will be obvious when you come to the end of the row, but personally,
I like to see what I’m up against. After you get some length on the button band, it will be hard to
keep it on; at that point, I would take it off. You may choose to leave it out if you wish; I do not
refer to it anymore in the pattern but to say “end of row”. The old beginning of round marker is now
called “right side” marker and the other marker is now “left side” marker.
You should have 37(39) left front sts, 66(70) back sts and 37(39) right front sts, a total of 140(148) sts
on your needles now. And you are working flat now.

I don’t know a name for the technique but looking at the projects on the Ravelry link, it seems to work beautifully.
You’re creating 8 extra sts on the button band by doing a kfb in 8 existing sts. They’re included in the final stitch count at the end of your post.